Who we Are & What We Do

SporTech is a large business organization that offers a wide range of authentic nutrition supplements and all across Pakistan. We consolidate the diverse name of brands of health and nutrition supplements at a massive scale.

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WELCOME To SportTech

Our primary goal is to distribute high-quality and authentic nutrition supplements all across Pakistan.
SporTech is an established company with a primary focus on Importing Health and Nutrition supplements from UAE, EU & USA to Pakistan. With a wide range of international business relationships and contacts coupled with years of expertise with the highest caliber of professionalism, SportOne LLC plays a leading role in importing and distributing all the top brands of Health and nutrition supplements in Pakistan.


  • Exceeding all standards

    SporTech is a devoted distributor of nutritional health and fitness supplements. We have been importing and distributing high-quality food nutrition products for over 10 years. We are the primary wholesale distributor in Pakistan and have all the expertise in all aspects relating to bodybuilding, weight loss, weight gain, multi-vitamin, muscle growth, lean muscle mass, dietary bars, and many various nutrition supplements.

  • High-grade customer services

    We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer services with an excellent line up of products having optimal price tags. We value our customer needs as our primary goal. Only high-standard nutrition supplements are made available to you.


SporTech is a renowned company that provides athletes as well as fitness seekers with health and food supplements. It is established in Pakistan since 2009.

It is established in Pakistan since 2009.